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About Nick

Nick Burman is one of a handful of skilled didgeridoo professionals in the U.K. He is based on the east coast of Yorkshire and spends his time performing and teaching the didgeridoo and related culture.

Nick first became involved with the didgeridoo and aboriginal culture in 1993, since then he has travelled widely, including extended visits to Australia, and extensively throughout the U.K. performing and teaching.

In Australia, Nick toured the top end of that expansive country; both in the tropical region and in the outback, gaining first hand experience form the native aboriginal peoples. During his time amongst the indigenous peoples, he was fortunate enough to receive tuition direct from didgeridoo masters, specifically a renowned master called David Blanasi.

Having learnt from aboriginal elders, Nick passes the knowledge on through helping to facilitate didgeridoo classes and workshops of all sizes, for all ages and at all levels - from beginner to professional. Innumerable workshops have been held throughout the U.K. in many schools and colleges, at festivals, clubs and corporate events, always ensuring awareness is raised of Australian aboriginal culture and customs.

Nick has performed extensively over the past 17 years and has been featured in TV documentaries, radio broadcasts and has even performed for His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Not only performing as a solo artist, Nick forms one half of the band 'Dyframix', a partnership with Dj and multi-instrumentalist Stef. M. Dyframix are currently in the studio writing and recording material for a new CD.

David Blanasi and Nick Burman

David Blanasi and Nick Burman

With a particularly powerful style of playing Nick has been affectionately dubbed 'The Burmanator' and is known throughout the didgeridoo community by that nickname as well as in lots and lots of schools and colleges!

To book Nick for a performance you can contact him directly or via email, all details are on the contact page. Click here to visit...>>>