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Didgeridoo Performances

Nick with Dyframix live at Singing Sticks Festival.

If you have need of a didgeridoo performer, whatever the event, Nick at Didgfever is your man.

Nick is a versatile didgeridoo performer conversant in many different styles and techniques of playing and has performed in front of small select audiences as well as many thousands at large festivals.

Not restricted to concerts, Nick is able to work providing music for radio, television and film and has valuable knowledge of traditional culture and customs of indigenous aboriginal Australians which he is able to share either as a consultant or as a teacher.

As well as performing as a solo artist he is in a band called Dyframix, a partnership with Dj and multi-instrumentalist, Stef. M. Dyframix has recorded several albums to date and are working on material for a new CD. For more information on Dyframix, click here for the bands website.

Depending on the event you are organising your may want more than just a performer playing a few tracks on stage but want something extra. Nick is able to use his skills and knowledge to deliver 'how to play' workshops and tuition before or after an event, whether an individual or group as well as the more educational style of workshop.

To achieve the sheer variety of sound, a number of different types or styles of didgeridoos are used. Traditional instruments are the back bone of Nicks playing as they best reflect the nature of his instruction and tuition by aboriginal elders. If you want the authentic sound then you need authentic instruments!

Nick with Dyframix

Nick performing live.

The didjbone is a didgeridoo made from two plastic tubes fitted together allowing them to slide up and down creating a didgeridoo that can be played at different keys/pitches. It was invented by a didgeridoo player fro Australia called Charlie McMahon. Click here to visit Charlies website.

In his repertoire Nick also makes use of contemporary instruments made by using more modern methods, namely split didges. A split didge is where the wood is shaped then cut in half and hollowed, then glued back together (traditional didgeridoos have termites hollow the wood naturally but they do not exist outside of Australia).

To book Nick for a performance you can contact him directly or via email, all details are on the contact page. Click here to visit...>>>