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Didgeridoo Workshops

Nick working with Francis Firebrace in South Africa

Each workshop is tailored to suit the requirements of the group or individual, taking into account the level of ability, location, duration, time of day etc.

For both group and individual workshops without and instruments to play - plastic didgeridoos can be provided. A number of wooden instruments are brought along for playing and demonstration purposes.

All workshops start with an introduction by Nick Burman. The introduction covers who he is and how he ended up playing the oldest wind instrument in the world. Nick also mentions his travels to Australia where he spent time living with the indigenous aboriginal people.

Introductions over with, Nick demonstrates the didgeridoo and his own inimitable playing style for those attending. Whatever tune Nick decides to play you can be sure it will encompass many of the techniques involved in playing the didgeridoo, such as animal calls and noises, toots and overtones, faster and slower playing, and of course - circular breathing.

Nick Burman Didgeridoo Workshop

Demonstrating different techniques.

Depending on the playing ability of the audience, respective playing techniques are broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces form making a drone through circular breathing and rhythm building. The group or individual are encouraged to repeat these smaller exercises whereby Nick can listen to a person playing and identify areas that can be improved.

Often there is a considerable difference in the ability of some in the group compared to others, so Nick finds a happy medium at a level of instruction that suits all. With everyone having the opportunity to try their skills at playing, no-one is left out! Exercises are repeated and amended as required to help all participants to progress at a steady and even pace.

The didgeridoo is such an old instrument with such a rich cultural background and totally unique organic sound, questions and answers flow throughout the workshop, mostly about playing but often covering all aspects of the didgeridoo and associated culture. Drawing a workshop to a close Nick is often asked to play another song on one of his didgeridoos!

Didgfever Educational Workshop

Pupils starting to get the hang of it!

Many times people who attend workshops wish to have further instruction or tuition on a on-to-one basis. This can easily be arranged with Nick after the workshop has finished. If the event is at an all day event time can be allotted for personal tuition outside of the main workshop.

To book Nick for a performance you can contact him directly or via email, all details are on the contact page. Click here to visit...>>>