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Educational and School Workshops

Nick Burman with Francis Firebrace in South Africa.

Didgfever has been sharing, teaching and facilitating workshops within and for schools for many years, all key stages from Primary through to Secondary education.

Building on a foundation of experience, Nick Burman, through Didgfever, has developed workshops to make them not only as informative, educational, and constructive as possible but above all else fun!

Using a range of resources these fully interactive workshops rely on audience participation including playing the didgeridoo, dancing, art and so on.

Each and every session is tailored for that particular workshop so the content can be amended to reflect the needs of the national curriculum for those pupils in that school. This can mean extra attention being given to a particular aspect or subject above others, or a number of workshops spread over a period of time.

Didgfever School Workshop 003

And this is how you make animal noises...

For example a school may have a project spanning a whole term with the aim to producing a show for other school children and parents at the end of that term. Week by week as the term progresses, smaller more focused workshops and classes can be held focusing more closely on any given subject, for example a class on indigenous aboriginal painting with examples being put up around the school to augment the overall terms project. Such a project may require Nick to attend at the start to deliver a general workshop then attend again at the end to help conclude the project. It may be that you would want Nick to attend only at the beginning, or at every stage throughout the term.

What ever your needs, Didgfever will tailor its workshops to suit you and your pupils needs. Whilst working in many schools and colleges, Nick has achieved certification in 'Skills for Community Arts Work' through the 'National Open College Network'.

Nick is currently developing lesson plans to tie in with the government driven S.E.A.L. (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) which will enable schools to more clearly identify and deliver the curriculum without the need for extra lesson plans!

To view an example plan for a generic one session didgeridoo workshop, based on a class of 30 pupils Click here...>>> Times of the activities etc. are not set in this example but can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the group e.g. introduction (10mins), discuss the main points of the DVD (5mins).

Nick is fully C.R.B. (Criminal Records Bureau) checked, to view a .PDF of the document Click here...>>>

Didgfever School Workshop 001

All together...


I have worked with Nick Burman and Lisa very successfully in both primary and secondary settings.
On each occasion they have engaged all children well and have demonstrated the ability to maintain pace and interest.
All children have completed sessions with a piece of art work that they are proud of and makes excellent displays.
I can recommend them to you.
Gill Garnett, Headteacher, White House Unit, Kingston Upon Hull.

Mr Burman has carried out two half day workshops for Mersey Primary School.
He arrived in good time and was well prepared for the workshop. He brought video footage of making and playing the didgeridoo.
He performed some tunes for the children to see and hear the sound 'first hand'. Each child was given the opportunity to play a didgeridoo and also enjoyed imitating the various Australian animals through dance and sound whilst Mr Burman played the didgeridoo.
Throughout the workshop the children were given the opportunity to ask questions and play various tunes. Mr. Burman answered questions clearly and precisely. The children enjoyed their half day workshops.
Denise Townsend, Learning Link Worker, Mersey Primary School, Hull.

To book Nick for a workshop you can contact him directly or via email, all details are on the contact page. Click here to visit...>>>